Image Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Image is one important key in conversion rate optimization, but there are some things need to be considered in deciding which pictures are appropriate to be used in your page. As we all know, image will attract people easily and if you are not using them correctly and appropriately, you will only waste your time and bandwidth allocation for your page. Here are some tips in deciding images you should choose
Picture of People
Selecting image that contains people in it is said to have certain effect for the viewers, one of it is that it will create empathy. By using it we can also create a kind of connection with the customers or viewers and automatically increase the conversion rate. But remember to be stay focused on the content of your website, use people images wisely. On certain aspect, using too much picture will make the page load slower, especially in the area with low connection access. Keep the content and image balance.
Babies are considered to be very persuasive in the way we offer product or sales, especially in terms of images. It is supported with some research that stated our brain will react when we see babies ‘pictures. But put the baby image for reason; know your potential viewers and potential audiences before you decide whether you will put this kind of images or not.



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